Unifi – Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti make excellent, commercial level products, that are far less costly than many other professional networking brands. This combined with a user friendly interface has made them more accessible and increasingly popular in the home environment.

At Home Network Solutions Berkshire we regularly install Ubiquiti products both in home and businesses, and we fully endorse the Ubiquiti brand. We install the complete range of Ubiquiti’s Unifi line and vast majority of the rest of Ubiquiti’s products.

Including but not limited to:

  • Unifi Access Points
  • Unifi Mesh Systems
  • Unifi Security Gateways
  • Unifi Switches
  • Unifi Cloud Keys and remote management
  • Unifi Security Cameras (POE IP CCTV)
  • Unifi Lighting
  • Ubiquit AmpliFi – Whole Home Wi-Fi
  • Ubiquiti AirFibre – Point to point
  • Ubiquiti AirMax