Fault finding and fixes

As with any system over time an Ethernet work can become damaged or degraded through general day to day use or during physical changes in the home or office environment. This can cause connectivity issues on the network. We offer fault finding and fixing services to ensure that your network is quickly back up to standard.

Network faceplate installation, cable heading and network testing.

Ethernet installations do not have to be as disruptive as you may imagine, as there is more flexibility in the placement of LAN cables than with other types of electric installations, it can be easily hidden, in walls, under carpets and even in coving, the low voltage carried in the cables means there is no danger of electric shock. RJ45 wall plates (network faceplates) come in a variety of styles and we will normally be able to match your sockets or light switches to give a consistent look throughout your home. ​

It is becoming increasingly popular for builders and electricians to offer Ethernet cable installations as part of a build. We offer a finishing service to install network faceplates, head cables, test and set-up the network. We offer a fault finding service for those that have had a network installed by a builder or electrician that does not appear to be functioning correctly. We also install external and armoured cables. For internal installations we will always use low smoke zero halogen cables to reduce toxic fumes in case of a fire.


Ethernet installations for the home.

If you are looking for a very fast, completely consistent home network then you should consider having Ethernet cable installed by iconnect. A solid structured cabling network has long been common in commercial offices, but increasingly people are looking for a similar standard in their home or home office.

As technology becomes more integrated with home life the demand on our domestic networks has increased. Although WiFi is a fantastic technology, its is not able to offer the same level of service as Ethernet. The speeds of Ethernet is up to 100Gbps (at short distances), there is currently no single piece of user equipment in your home that comes close to using that sort of speed. This means that a network cable installation could future proof your home for many years to come.

  • Complete design and installation of a structured cabling network.
  • Updates and additions to a current data cable network.
  • Technical support, testing and fault finding services.
  • External inter-building and outhouse connections.
  • Fault finding and fixes.
  • Ethernet installations for the home.
  • Network faceplate installation, cable heading and network testing.
  • New builds & Extensions.
  • Small business network design
  • Consultation.
  • Cabinet tidying