WiFi Thermostat iPhone and Android App


Features include:

  • View the actual and set temperature in your home   
  • Adjust your heating comfort levels
  • Adjust your hot water levels
  • Program a  holiday period
  • Lock your thermostat
  • Home / Away Function
  • Home automation

The Heatmiser WiFi Touchscreen series of thermostats enable you to control your heating system from anywhere in the world via a web browser or our iPhone app. Our WiFi series are powered by 230v and offer volt free switching.

5/2 Day & 7 Day Programmaing 5/2 Day mode is ideal for those who keep to one schedule Monday-Friday and another for the weekend. 7 Day mode allows you to have different schedule for each day of the week – ideal for families with changing schedules. No need to decide now, our thermostat offers both modes for you to select later.

Adjustable Switching Differential Our Touchscreen Series has an adjustable switching from 0.5C to 3C This function allows you to get even tighter control of your heating system.

Frost Protection A function designed to protect your home against frost. An adjustable frost temperature level can be programmed, between 7-17C, ensuring your home is protected against the elements whilst you are away.

Keylock Function – Locking the thermostat keypad is an easy way to save energy. Allowing access to only those that require it.

Heatmiser iPhone App

Heatmiser WiFi Stat iPhone App – Control your home heating system from anywhere

Use your iPhone and our FREE App to control your Heatmiser WiFi Thermostat within your home and remotely from anywhere*

There are 4 models within our WiFi thermostat Series.

  • Heatmiser DT-TS WiFi (Non Programmable Thermostat
  • Heatmiser PRT-TS WiFi (Programmable Thermostat)
  • Heatmiser PRT-HWTS WiFi (Heating & Hot water Programmable Thermostat)
  • Heatmiser TM1-TS WiFi (Time Clock)

These models are flush mounting, 230v powered thermostats and are designed to replace existing thermostats that have at least 3 wires excluding earth. (4 required for hot water control)

Web Browser Interface

Your WiFi  Thermostat can be controlled locally within your home from your PC Web browser,  and remotely from anywhere in the world. For remote access, your router requires  port forwarding facility and a fixed IP address from your ISP. If you do not  have a fixed IP, you can use a Dynamic DNS service such as that provided by DynDNS.org

Browser Functions (Functions vary depending on model)

  • View the actual and set temperature within your home
  • Lock the thermostat
  • Program the heating comfort levels
  • Program the hot water times
  • Program a holiday period
  • Home / Away Function (Quick function to turn your heating and hot water  off whilst away, without the need to reprogram the entire system – ideal for  holiday homes)
  • Summer Function
  • Home automation

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