Wi-Fi vs Wired

Wireless vs Wired

Wireless technologies are designed to reduce the time and different type of obstacles created by the cables. Therefore, wireless networks have more convenient working as compared to other type of wired networking. Wireless network is the type of the computer networking in which computer is connected with the different telecommunication devices wirelessly.

In the field of wireless networking this is called a WiFi network, it is defined as the network connection in the home for sharing different types of resources such as printing and the Internet and  is sometimes referred to as Wireless home Networking. 

Comparison between Wired or Wireless Home Network:


Wired Home Network

Wireless Home networks

Networking The networking of the wired home networks is faster as compared to wireless networking devices because they are able to provide the speed of more then 1000 Mbps Wireless networking is faster to install. Wifi is the common type of wireless home network that provides reliable networking.
Cost Comparison It will cost more to setup the wired home network. Because of the installation network of cables. As compared to wired devices it is easy to setup wireless networking devices at the very low.
Advantages More reliable, faster networks speeds ability to transfer of data at a very fast speed

You can Access Internet from any place through hot pots, no hassles of cables, minimise need any kind of wiring for installation

Cons Network devices are less portable, expense involved in installing the cables.

Best solution for mobile devices such as Laptops, not as fast as compared to wired devices

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