Picture Lifts and TV Lifts fo Hidden TV’s

Kitchen TV lift

Let family and guests watch TV while you’re cooking dinner or entertaining and then simply lower the TV when you’re through to gain more space on your kitchen table or island. Imagine always having your favorite recipes on hand or cook along with your favorite cooking show as you watch your beautifully mounted TV lift display.

Only your imagination sets the limit of how to gain flexibility in your kitchen with our TV lift. Whether mounting a touch screen computer or TV screen it is there when you need it and gone from sight with the touch of a button. The lifts can be used to rise up from a surface or can be inverted to drop down from an enclosure such as an upper cabinet or ceiling. All lifts are available with VESA standard TV brackets.


Living room TV lift

The living room TV lift is already a popular application in many homes, offices, boats, RV’s and hotel rooms around the world. With one touch of the remote your HD TV appears from inside your entertainment cabinet or from the wall behind your favorite piece of art work.

You can mount the TV lift directly on the wall and hide the TV behind a sofa or cabinet. When you’re away you can hide the TV to secure it against theft or simply conceal it when you want to minimize TV viewing in your household. It’s perfect for when you don’t want the TV to dominate your living space. Like we enjoy saying; easy installation with plug and play connections all in one carton. Product

Bedroom TV lift

The bedroom TV lift application is very similar to the living room TV lift. By one touch of the remote you can control the up/down operation from your bed. This way your bedroom can remain a romantic place without distractions and electronics that compete with your design layout.

The TV lifts can be turned upside/down so that you could have it come down from the ceiling or hide it behind a picture or a wall mounted cabinet.  Again it’s your ideas of interior design that set the limits. The bedroom room TV lifts also include RF remote, manual switch and VESA TV brackets; “Plug and Play”.RS-232 or relay control for whole home automation integration.

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