Control Plates

Control Plate Range

From powerful and easy-to-use software and elegant control panels to integration with Audio Visual and Building Management Systems, the iLight range offers the ultimate in interfacing.

The iLight control panel range can be configured to match any specification for scene setting, time based scene selection, sequencing, and simple manual fader control. There are five control plate ranges available, Classic, Classic Plus, Revio, Ineo and the slim & elegant Architrave range

Access Control

Access Control

Access control is the use of devices like intercoms and keypads to solve the limitations of mechanical locks and keys. Intercoms can be used to allow entry to your home via the front gate at the enterance to your property or any door that you choose.

You can set your intercom system up so that the channel on your television changes to the video camera at the door or gate so you can see who is requesting access.


Control your lighting

Lighting Systems usually include one or more keypads or touch panels. These interfaces allow users the ability to toggle power to lights, dim lights, and program lighting levels and give you the ability to control any device from any interface in your home. The intergration of lighting into a home automation system can be used to provide several solutions.

Conserve energy and reduce costs without compromising comfort. Dim lights or turn them off automatically when the room is vacant. The Prodigy system can intelligently manage some or all of the lighting in your home to which will help you shrink your carbon footprint and your electricity bill.