Elan-G-DT22 – Dual AM/FM Radio Tuner

Elan-G-DT22 – Dual AM/FM Tuner

The DT22-240 from ELAN brings AM/FM radio to every room in your home, at the touch of a button. It’s a dual AM/FM tuner that lets you enjoy independent radio station listening in different rooms throughout the house.

This tuner is designed for countries using 240V and comes preset for the Euro/Asia tuning region so that you’re ready to rock (or jazz, or classical) right from the start. Built in to the DT22-240 are two high-quality AM / FM tuners. Dedicated outputs for each means that you can listen to different streams of radio throughout the house from a single DT22-240. And…if you want even more, two DT22-240s can be linked for up to four independent audio outputs.

The DT22-240 has a front panel IR receiver and comes with a full function handheld remote. In an ELAN multi-room system, 2-way feedback, including station call letters, frequency, genre, song name and artist, can be viewed on any ELAN Touch Panel or Olé Film Interactive Touchpad.*


*Displayable data varies depending on source, i.e.

  • Built-in dual AM / FM tuners
  • Two sets of independent outputs for multi-room listening
  • Preset for EU / Asia tuning region right out of the box
  • IR-, Ethernet- & Serial-controllable View radio station & “Now Playing” information on ELAN user interfaces
  • Easy setup & diagnostics w / front panel buttons & graphical
  • LCD Displays all RBDS (US) & RDS (EU) data
  • Preset or direct numeric access (396 presets per tuner)
  • IR remote control & rack-mount ears (incl.)
  • Link 2 DT22-240s to provide up to 4 tuners (4 AM / FM)
  • New ELAN SmartSource w / built-in VIA!Net communications for integration into a home automation system

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