Nuvo Simplese Multi Room Audio

The Simplese home multi room audio system brings you the advanced Generation D technology of superior home sound together with a sleek, slim look, and the simplicity of user-friendly design-all at a price that’s easy to live with. Now your whole family can experience NuVo’s startlingly clear, multi-source home sound with the Generation D Simplese, our most affordable and simple home sound system yet.

Simplese Features:

  • Four Source, Four Zone (capacity for expansion up to eight zones)
  • Generation D design protocol with Digital Amplification for cooler, more efficient operation with higher power output
  • Built-in amplification, 30 watts per zone
  • 56 Khz and 38 Khz modulation outputs for better compatibility with ore source equipment
  • Trim-line, 6,1/2 pound chassis takes up less vertical space in rack
  • Unique Allportâ„¢ wiring system means fewer wires to clutter installationBuilt-In IR receiver for each keypad
  • Keypad control for bass and treble adjust per zone
  • Auto loudness boosts high and low frequencies at low volume levels for a better listening experience
  • Mute function immediately silences system for phone or doorbell rings
  • Local source interrupt to dedicate a local audio source to a zone
  • Rotary address selector for easy zone addressing with no programming required
  • RS-232 serial port for easy integration with home automation systems

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