NuVo Wireless P100 zone player


Start with one sleek little component and instantly access endless music options, whether from your personal collection or from the expansive libraries of Internet Radio (Pandora, TuneIn, Rhapsody, SIRIUS/XM), all available in a non-compressed, full-toned package. Plus, all that exceptional quality and variety is brought to you wirelessly. So go ahead and listen to whatever you want, wherever you want, just by connecting the speakers of your choice and hitting play on your iPhone. Now listen and enjoy.
Use the Gateway to play music wirelessly from zone to zone.
Spread the fun to other rooms with additional players (system supports any combination of P100, P200 and P3100 players), and remember every room can listen to its own selection, or be synchronized with other zones, so that no matter where you go in your home your music follows you there.

  • Your Music Anytime, Anywhere – Quickly access music from your PC or Mac and play it anywhere in your home.
  • Streaming Online Music – Pandora, Napster, TuneIn, Rhapsody, and SiriusXM are all at your fingertips with Internet Radio streaming directly to your NuVo System.
  • Lossless Audio Delivery – Mastering-grade, high-fidelity audio is delivered to every area of your home, and kept perfectly in sync, even when all rooms are playing the same tune.
  • Audyssey-World-renown Audyssey music technologies optimize the listening experience for music fanatics and audiophiles.
  • Closed Loop, Class D Digital Amplification – High-performance amplifier operates coolly and saves energy while minimizing distortion.
  • Wi-Fi – 802.11n Wireless transmission, delivers the fastest signal speed and broadest coverage available today.
  • USB Port – Connect any storage device to the USB port and play its music through your NuVo system.
  • Bluetooth – Connect any Bluetooth device, wirelessly, using the lossless aptXTM Bluetooth feature, so you can stream any audio from your personal device directly to your home NuVo system in high-definition.
  • Audio Line-In – Connect any analog device and listen to it instantly.
  • Audio Line-Out – Connect your player to your existing home theater receiver or any other amplifier to enable it to play your music
  • Independent Zone Control – You are the master of your domain. Every room in your system can play and be controlled independently, so you listen to your favourite album on the deck, while the kids listen to SiriusXM Radio in the den.
  • Wireless Control from Apple, Android, and NuVo Controller – Wirelessly manage your music, change your listening selection, change volume and more, all from the palm of your hand. With your NuVo Controller, or your personal Android or Apple device you have absolute control.
  • Build a Room at A Time – Start with one player and when you want music in another room, just add another player. It’s that simple.
  • Advanced Features – Group all of your zones to play in Party Mode and have all zones play the same music in sync.

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