Elan-M86A – Multi-Room Audio Controller

Elan-G-M86A – 8-Source/6-Zone Integrated Multi-Room Audio Controller/Amplifier

Multiple control methods bring flexibility and value to all g! installations. The M86A accommodates up to 12 TS2 touchpads (two per zone), also linking ELAN VIA!Net controlled devices. Source specific IR outputs control each of the systems eight audio sources. The six sense input triggers are used for conditional programming and to activate events like a lights-on sequence at night with a garage door opening. The unit also provides connections for Page and Doorbell options with the C2 Communications Controller.

The M86A has the switching muscle to bring all the benefits of g! IP-based, multiroom control to the most expansive and sophisticated of client installations. With eight audio sources and six zones, the M86A can be stacked to support up to 24 zones. Driven by a cool running 30 Watt per channel internal amplifier, the unit also features 12 variable or fixed preamp outputs to feed external amplifiers. This allows extra power for either outdoor coverage or a large zone with multiple speakers. Buffered loop audio outputs allow for system expansion or sources to be shared with home theatre components without signal degradation. Programmable turn-on settings allow independent zone control for bass, treble and volume with “on-the-fly” adjustments. Also source levelling matches the volume of each audio source input for smooth source switching. The M86A also features source level matching so the volume of each audio source input matches the other for smooth source switching.


  • ƒ8 Sources / 6 Zones – expands up to 24 zones
  • Built-in 30W x 12 channel amplifier
  • Can connect to external amps when extra power is needed
  • ƒƒDirect connection for TS2 Touchpads
  • Routable IR Outputs makes IR source control connections a breeze
  • ƒFront panel system status and troubleshooting feedback
  • ƒGroup paging and music-on-hold features with the C2 Comm controller
  • ƒVIA!Net controlled by HC6 or HC12 System Controller
  • ƒSense inputs for automated events
  • Selectable variable / fixed audio preamp outputs
  • Input source leveling of each audio source for smooth source switching
  • ƒƒRack mountable (requires the RMK3 Rackmount Kit)
  • ƒAvailable in 230/240 VAC version
  • Integrates into a home automation system

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