Audio, DVD and Blu-ray Media Server

Movies, Music & Photos for Commercial & Residential Use

Fusion was started in 2003 by a small team of successful entrepreneurs from the cutting edge world of dynamic medical imaging and storage. The partners founded and ran their venture backed company for a number of years before successfully selling it to a public entity. Having been in the demanding medical environment for many years, the founders wanted to take their experience into a new and exciting area, which is when they decided to start Fusion Research.

The team at Fusion has a deep understanding of the underlying technology of digital imaging, storage and networking as well as the use of protocols and control for system communications. They bring their significant domain knowledge and expertise to the new and emerging area of imaging and networking in the residential and commercial market using open IP based products.


Studio Movie Servers are the perfect choice for single or dual zone applications. The Studio is a server with a single zone player built-in.
The Studio Movie Server is the market leader in performance & value while having the same great quality video as all Fusion products.

  • Movies only
  • One or two zones*
  • 225 Movie base storage
  • Built-in zone player
  • Optional add your own storage
  • Home automation integration.

The Genesis or Genny is the next step up in video our servers. They both have a player built-in, but you can add up to 4 additional players for up to 5 independent zones at the same time.
The Genesis model also has music & photos in addition to movies.

  • Movies, Music & Photos
  • One to Five independent zones
  • 300 Movie base storage
  • Built-in zone player
  • Optional add your own storage
  • Home automation integration.

The Cinema Server is Fusion’s top-of-the-line product, which can support up to 25 independent streams of video including 4 additional analog audio outputs for distribution.
Cinema Servers have up to 18TB of internal raid-5 storage & additional vaults can be added.

  • Movies, Music & Photos
  • 4 Analog audio outputs
  • Up to 25 independent zones
  • Can be configured in several sizes
  • Can be expanded for more storage
  • Home automation integration.

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