Heatmiser WiFi Thermostat


Now is the time to upgrade your existing thermostat and take control of your heating system from anywhere. The TouchScreen WiFi Thermostats have an in-built web server, meaning you can access your heating system from any internet enabled web browser or iPhone and Android SmartPhone. 

Mounting Type:

The WiFi Series are flush mounting, therefore a 25mm back box will be required prior to installation.


The WiFi Series are 110x100x17.5mm  (L,H,D)  The depth is after installation.

Single Zone System

For those with a single thermostat system, the thermostat and your wireless router is all you need. You can connect from your SmartPhone or Tablet to your heating system and take control from anywhere. 

Multi – Zone System

For those with more than one thermostat, you will need our MultiLink module. This acts as the gateway to the network and also provides temperature and hours run logging for all of your heating zones. 


WiFi Network 802.11b 802.11b 802.11b 802.11b
App Control Y Y Y Y
Web Browser Control Y Y Y Y
Temperature Range 05-35ºC 05-35ºC 05-35ºC 05-35ºC
Blue Back-Lit Screen Y Y Y Y
5/2 Day Programming N Y Y Y
7 Day Programming N Y Y Y
Number of Heating Levels 0 4 4 4
Optimum Start N Y Y Y
Number of HW Times 0 0 4 0
Holiday Function N Y Y Y
Keylock Function Y Y Y Y
Temperature Hold Function N Y Y Y
Temperature Override Y Y Y Y
Temperature Override Limit Y Y Y Y
Frost Protection Y Y Y Y
C/F Option Y Y Y Y
Remote Air Sensor Connection N N N N
Built in Air Sensor Y Y Y Y
Floor Sensor Mode N N N Y
Floor Sensor Included N N N Y
Max Switching Current 3A 3A 3A 16A
Accuracy +/-1C +/-1C +/-1C +/-1C
Adjustable Switching Differential Y Y Y Y
Supply 230v
Installed Dimensions 110x100x17.5mm

Our RF Switching Models offer the same funtionality but rather than send the switch signal via the wired connection it is sent via RF. For the RF switching part, add RF  to the above part number (eg DT-TS WIFI RF). The RF models work with our RC1/RC2-W receivers.


  • WiFi Connectivity

    Our WiFi Thermostats use the 802.11b WiFi Network standard which means they are compatible with most WiFi routers on the market. WEP, WPA and WPA2 security systems are supported.

    5/2 Day & 7 Day Programming

    5/2 Day mode is ideal for those who keep to one schedule Monday – Friday and another for the weekend. 7 Day mode allows you to have a different schedule for each day of the week – ideal for families with changing schedules. No need to decide now, our thermostat offers both for you to select later. 

    Simple Setup via Your PC

    Setting up the WiFi Thermostat couldn’t be easier. Simply plug the thermostat into a spare USB port on your PC and using the provided utility enter the details of your WiFi Network. During the configuration process, the thermostat takes its power from your PC. 

    Web Browser and SmartPhone Control

    Our WiFi Thermostats have a built in web server, meaning you can control your heating system from any web browser locally in your home or from anywhere in the world. Those with an iPhone or Android SmartPhone can benefit from our free app – providing you with what must be the easiest and most convenient way to control your home heating.

     Temperature Hold Facility

    This function allows you to hold a set temperature for a specific duration – ideal for parties. After the hold duration, the thermostat will revert back to the programmed setting.

    230v or RF Switching

    Two ranges are available in this series, both are powered by 230v. The standard model offers volt free switching, ideal for those looking to upgrade an existing thermostat. The RF range sends the switch signal via the 868MHz radio frequency to our RC1-W/UH1-W receivers and are ideal for those looking for a simple to install system.

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