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Install multiple thermostats to create smaller zones for heating and cooling, and create temperature setpoints for simple, yet effective environmental control.The Home Automation system intelligently manages temperature in your home which can help to shrink your carbon footprint and your heating costs.

The most obvious way of HVAC or heating control with the use temperature sensors in different rooms to control heating. The correct placement of sensors and the use of automated timers can reduce energy use. With an automated system it is possible to heat living areas only when people are home and to only to heat the bedrooms once night time and the morning come around and only whilst those rooms are occupied

 You can also automate the hot water system so it can be switched off when not needed, like when house is vacant. Like everything else that is automated in your home it is possible to remotly control the system via your mobile phone or any computer on the internet. The glory with this is that you can remoly tell the system to switch the heating on before you get home. You can improve passive solar heating and passive cooling through the control of your home's curtains, blinds or shutters.

When installed you can program the ststem to schedule all of your shutters, blinds, ... to open and shut at different times of the day or to sense the weather and to stop your home heating up this can be achived with the use of sun sensors. Also blinds can lowered at night and ensure that your rooms are always optimally screened.

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