Elan-G-V85 – Component Video Switcher

Elan-G-V85 – Component Video Switcher with Cat5 Outputs

The V85 Component Video Controller not only meets the rigid standards of 1080p hi-def video, but adds the convenience of being able to distribute the bold, brilliant pictures of hi-def video throughout the house over Cat-5 cable. The V85 provides an 8 x 8 switching matrix, allowing up to eight component video sources to be viewed independently or simultaneously on eight different high definition TVs or monitors. RS-232 and IR-controllable, the V85 integrates seamlessly into any whole-house system, allowing one-touch access to component video sources from any touch panel, keypad or remote control. The “active” IR port even supplies power to ELAN IR Sensors.

Using Cat-5e cable, the V85 can distribute component video signals up to 500 feet; and with its active differential output driver design and high definition receiver / equalizer chip-set, whatever you pipe into the V85 is exactly what you’ll see at the other end. Eight independent RJ-45 jacks make for easy Cat-5 connection at the back of the unit. The V85 also has eight sets of Y/PB/PR component video outputs that use standard RG-6 coaxial cable to send component video signals to TVs or monitors up to 300 feet away. An additional eight sets of buffered component video outputs make it easy to loop sources to additional V85s. Up to four V85s can be linked together to create an expanded 8 x 32 component video switching matrix.


  • 8 x 8 Component Video Switcher
  • Expandable to 8 x 32 w / additional units
  • RS-232 & IR-controllable for integration into a home automation system
  • Uses Cat-5 (up to 500 ft.) & / or RG-6 coax(up to 300 ft.)
  • Independent, powered Cat-5e RJ-45 jacks for fast & easy wall plate connection
  • Color-coded Y/PB/PR component video inputs & buffered loop outputs
  • Unity gain design means no signal loss overlong distances
  • High-performance video chip-set for minimumcrosstalk
  • “Active” IR port for powering ELAN IR Sensors
  • Selectable 9.6k or 19.2k baud rate
  • Front panel LED display shows zone & source for easy setup & troubleshooting
  • Rack Mount ears included

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