NuVo Grand Concerto Bundle From 8250 euro

Grand Concerto Six Zone Multi Room Audio System With Music Server and Speakers – From €8250

Concerto® Features

You deserve the ultimate listening experience. NuVo’s Concerto® audio system is a tour de force, delivering the best of Internet Radio, any album saved to your computer, your iPod and more. Known affectionately as NuVo’s “masterpiece”, this elegant system features the most superb sound experience and whole-home flexibility, thanks to a whopping eighty watts of power and sixteen possible listening zones. This system can rock every inch of your home with endless variety of your favorite music. What else would you expect from an ingenious design created by engineers who love music just as much as you do?

Music Port Server

Bring an entire world of music to your home through the revolutionary iMusic Ports. An endless variety of music options means you are always just a click away from your favorite selection. Want to create a personalized radio station with just the music you like? Do it easily on Pandora. Want to hear what the latest up-and-coming Russian artist sounds like? You can, with TuneIn, the premier source for radio stations from all over the world. Want to play the song you just downloaded on your computer? It is already in your NuVo library. Oh, and there is one more little thing about this awesome musical wonder you can actually listen to four different streams of music in different rooms at the same time. So play Pandora in the den, a album saved to your computer in the kitchen, and your iTunes library outside…simultaneously.

2.7” OLED Controller

2.7” OLED display provides a slick, smooth capacitive touch surface with scrolling song and album information that is easily visible in any lighting and from any angle
Offers power, volume, party mode, music and room selection, and treble and bass control, and advance setup and control options


A ceiling mount speaker that provides both left and right stereo channels from a single point, whilst maintaining channel separation. The speaker has dual mylar dome tweeters combined with a dual voice coil, polypropylene woofer to deliver a full, rich sound. Ideal for installation in small rooms.

Stereo 2-way easy fit ceiling speaker with “Dog Ear” mounts
Dual mylar dome tweeters for separation and clarity
Dual voice coil polypropylene woofer with rubber surround
Gold-plated spring terminals
White ABS frame with steel grille

System includes:

  • 1x NuVo Grand Concerto Amplifier
  • 1x NuVo Music Port Server
  • 6x NuVo 2.7” OLED Controller
  • 6x Dual Voice Coil Ceiling Speakers

Terms and conditions: Installation not included in above price, installation available upon request but costs can vary depending on your property. Keypads available in white or black with matching bezel. Brushed chrome bezel as shown above is available at an additional cost. Price quoted does not include VAT. Price quoted does not include postage and packaging and will vary depending on delivery location.

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