NuVo Essentia Bundle From 4100 euro

NuVo Essentia Multi Room Audio System With Speakers From €4100

Essentia® Features

Essentia is the talented little sister of the Concerto, with a not-so-small power output of 40 watts in six zones. Smartly combining your love for music variety with your energy-conscious lifestyle. Essentia blasts startlingly clear high-fidelity sound throughout up to twelve separate areas of your home. And with unlimited music options, the only hard part will be choosing what you want to listen to first. It’s truly a world-class design with a plethora of options, customizing easily for your home and listening preferences.

Wired Dock for iPod

Dock anywhere and play everywhere. Literally enjoy your iPod’s catalog in every area of your house: the kitchen, poolside, the den and more. Slip your iPod into the sleek little dock in one room, hit play on any of the NuVo system controllers and let the music play from one room to the next. When you’re used to having your music constantly on the road with you, it’s nice to be able to relax and fill the open air with your favorites in the comfort of your own space.


No matter how many music options we’re given, we still have to tune-in to your local AM/FM stations. The advanced-design of NuVo’s two-in-one tuner offers access to your broadcast stations anytime and anywhere, and in two places at once. Imagine this: you can listen to a local match up in the family room, while the latest rock station is playing on the patio. Two stations at once. What’s not to love?

1” OLED Controller

  • Fits neatly into standard Irish wall plates
  • 1” OLED display provides scrolling song and album information.
  • Offers power, volume, party mode, music and room selection, and treble and bass control


A ceiling mount speaker that provides both left and right stereo channels from a single point, whilst maintaining channel separation. The speaker has dual mylar dome tweeters combined with a dual voice coil, polypropylene woofer to deliver a full, rich sound. Ideal for installation in small rooms.

  • Stereo 2-way easy fit ceiling speaker with “Dog Ear” mounts
  • Dual mylar dome tweeters for separation and clarity
  • Dual voice coil polypropylene woofer with rubber surround
  • Gold-plated spring terminals
  • White ABS frame with steel grille

System Includes:

  • 1x NuVo Essentia Amplifier
  • 1x NuVo Wired Dock for iPod
  • 1x T2FAM
  • 6x NuVo 1” OLED Controller
  • 6x Dual Voice Coil Ceiling Speakers

Terms and conditions: Installation not included in above price, installation available upon request but costs can vary depending on your property. Keypads available in white or black with matching bezel. Brushed chrome bezel as shown above is available at an additional cost. Price quoted does not include postage and packaging and will vary depending on delivery location.

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€3650 + VAT


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