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Elan HC Series - System Controllers

ELAN g! Series System Controllers put you in complete control of every part of your technology-centric life, managing your primary home, vacation home and business. These remarkable, easy-to-use controllers allow you to effortlessly operate your entertainment, lighting, security, energy, and irrigation systems in any room you choose - or from anywhere in the world.

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Elan-G-HR2 - Handheld Remote Control

ELAN’s first-ever handheld remote control, the HR2, is a striking extension of the intuitive g! control system. It features all the function of a touchscreen packaged in a sleek remote weighing in at a mere 6.4 ounces.

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Elan-G-TS7 - TS7 7" Color LCD Touchscreen

ELAN’s powerful touch screen the TS7, latest digital touchscreen technologies and elegant user interface means effortless Whole House Management and Entertainment is only a finger-swipe away for everyone in the family.

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Elan-G-TS10 - TS10 10" Color LCD Touchscreen

Bigger, brighter and easier to read! ELAN’s next generation touchscreen interface, the 10” screen TS10, features a screen that has more than twice the screen surface than our popular 7” screen, is 15% brighter and is, of course, easier to read.

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Elan-G-TS2 - TS2 2" Film Interactive Touchpad

Across all platforms the g! interface shines with the uniform look and feel that allows easy access and control. The TS2 features all the speed and power of a touchscreen with the affordability of a touchpad.

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Elan-G-M86A - Multi-Room Audio Controller

The 8-Source/6-Zone Integrated Multi-Room Audio Controller/Amplifier brings flexibility and value to all g! installations. The M86A accommodates up to 12 TS2 touchpads, also linking ELAN VIA!Net controlled devices.

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Elan-S86A - Multi-Room Audio/Video Controller

The S86A is the amplified version of the S86P and features an integrated 12 x 40WPC power amplifier. The S86A brings you one of the most versatile, scalable, and feature-rich multi-room entertainment system available today.

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Elan-C2 - Communications Controller

An ELAN Communication Controller changes the way people live. It not only opens new avenues of in-home communications, but delivers a new level of convenience, comfort and security that your clients will relish.

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Elan-G-DT22 - Dual AM/FM Tuner

The DT22-240 from ELAN brings AM/FM radio to every room in your home, at the touch of a button. It’s a dual AM/FM tuner that lets you enjoy independent radio station listening in different rooms throughout the house.

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Elan-G-V85 - Component Video Switcher

The V85 Component Video Controller not only meets the rigid standards of 1080p hi-def video, but adds the convenience of being able to distribute the bold, brilliant pictures of hi-def video throughout the house over Cat-5 cable.

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