WiFi Thermostat iPhone and Android App

WiFi Thermostat

The FREE Heatmiser WiFi Stat app lets you control your Heatmiser WiFi Thermostat  within your home and remotely via a 3G or WiFi connection. Been away and don’t want to arrive back home to a cold house? Tired of hard to use thermostats? Install a Heatmiser WiFi Thermostat  and control your heating from our iPhone app. Use our iPhone app within your home and throw away your thermostat manual! Providing your have at least three wires, excluding earth, then you can upgrade your existing thermostat to our DT-TS or PRT-TS WiFi Thermostat. 4 wires are required for our PRTHW-TS WiFi model.

Centralised Control of Your Climate System

Intelligent Control A Home Automation Thermostat keeps your home the perfect climate while saving money and energy. Via intuitive graphical interfaces on Touchpanels, simply set up weekly schedules so the home stays comfortable when you’re there most. During the winter, limit heating during sunny hours. In the summer, prevent unnecessary cooling when the house is Read more about Centralised Control of Your Climate System[…]

Smart Control Systems For Your Home


Install multiple thermostats to create smaller zones for heating and cooling, and create temperature setpoints for simple, yet effective environmental control.The Home Automation system intelligently manages temperature in your home which can help to shrink your carbon footprint and your heating costs.

The most obvious way of HVAC or heating control with the use temperature sensors in different rooms to control heating. The correct placement of sensors and the use of automated timers can reduce energy use. With an automated system it is possible to heat living areas only when people are home and to only to heat the bedrooms once night time and the morning come around and only whilst those rooms are occupied