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About NuVo

NuVo believe in music. It is thier commitment to bring the most innovative, highest quality music experience into as many homes as possible at an affordable price. Amplification systems like ours have been available for some time, but only to the extremely high-end client (with an equally extreme price tag). NuVo believe that music is for everyone, and having it in the home in this way is a must. Once you experience it you'll know what we mean and you'll never go back!

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NuVo T2DAB Dual Tuner


Use this unique dual tuner to when to play different stations in two different rooms.

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NuVo Essentia E6G

NuVo Essentia Six Sound Source, six Listening Zones with six  1" OLED keypads and bezels

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 NuVo Wired Dock for iPod

Dock anywhere and play everywhere. Literally enjoy your iPod's catalog in every area of your house:

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NuVo Grand Concerto

NuVo Grand Concerto Six Sound Source, Eight Listening Zones with lsix  2.7" OLED keypads and bezels

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 NuVo Wall Dock for iPod

A simple way to dock your iPod and listen to it throughout the house.

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Nuvo App

 Control Application for iOS & Android powered devices, Offers complete control of all music from zone to zone

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NuVo Music Port


NuVo's Music Port elevates your home audio experience with even greater control, and a whole new world of listening possibilities.

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Nuvo Simplese

Generation D Design Protocol, Four Sound Sources, Four Listening Zones, Multi Room Audio

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