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Octava -HD42CATMX HDMI Matrix Switch over CAT6 Cables.

Octava -HD42CATMX HDMI Matrix Switch over CAT6 Cables.

Octava introduces the HD42CATMX, 4×2 HDMI matrix switch over CAT cable,as part of the Pro HD video distribution product line.
Based on the popular HD44CATMX, the HD42CATMX allows sharing of 4 High Definition sources to 2 ‘remote’ Zones over dual CAT6 cables!
The HD42CATMX is a non-blocking matrix – view any Source on Any Display in 16 combinations.
The HD42CATMX can additionally connect to a Local Display or AV Receiver over HDMI and Optical Digital Audio.
The HD42CATMX was designed to suite systems that require 2-3 displays with all the professional features of a larger matrix switch
such as: RS-232 controls, infared remote control routing,service port for EDID management and Power over Cable for the in Room zone receivers.

-View any 4 Source devices simultaneously on 2 ‘Remote’ Display devices + 1 Local “mirrored” HDMI output.
-HDMI and CAT RJ-45 active simultaneously (allows for 3 displays or 2 Display + 1 AV Receiver)
-Infrared IR Routing over CAT allows IR control

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