Integrating an ‘Anti-Dog Poop’ System

The custom industry is “going to the dogs.” Well, kind of, but in a good way.

With today’s home control technology, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. CE Pro 100 integrator DSI Entertainment Systems in Los Angeles is living proof of that.

DSI was recently approached by a client who had a really “sh%$#y” problem: the neighborhood dogs were constantly pooping in her front yard.

Aaron Andrew of DSI explains how he solved the dilemma: ” I once had a very sweet lady ask me jokingly if I could keep the neighborhood dogs from pooping on her lawn. After thinking about if for a few seconds I told her yes! She was surprised and intrigued.

“I then explained that her grass is not fenced in but has two pilasters at each corner where I could install an outdoor security beam which would let her home automation system know if someone has walked on her lawn. The control system could then turn on a sprinkler that would deter unwanted dogs and their owners.”

The best part for DSI is that it not only solidified a happy customer, but it earned an additional $600 for the integration.

This kind of ingenious integration doesn’t stink!

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