Control your lighting

Lighting Systems usually include one or more keypads or touch panels. These interfaces allow users the ability to toggle power to lights, dim lights, and program lighting levels and give you the ability to control any device from any interface in your home. The intergration of lighting into a home automation system can be used to provide several solutions.

Conserve energy and reduce costs without compromising comfort. Dim lights or turn them off automatically when the room is vacant. The Prodigy system can intelligently manage some or all of the lighting in your home to which will help you shrink your carbon footprint and your electricity bill.

  • It can also reduce power consumption by allowing you to centrally control the lighting levels of every light in the house and even switch all lights off or on by the touch of one button.
  • You can set light according to sunrise, sunset, a day, or specific days in a month or year.
  • It can be used to set the mood at the touch of a button by setting different dim levels on several lights in one room.
  • You can automate lights so they operate only when they are needed and switch off when rooms are vacant through the use of motion sensors and timers.
  • You can also use motion sensors to switch on external lights when needed, or lights when entering your home at night, rather than leaving lights the on.
  • Set lighting by time of day can be used to deter burglars with the use of simulated presence by switching lighting on/off in rooms in the house when it is vacant.

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