Home Cinema and Television Solutions


Recreate the big screen in the comfort of your own home. We have extensive experience in home cinema installation, working with architects, interior designs and tradesman to produce the perfect result. All cables are run within walls and under floorboards avoiding any unsightly wires.The aim of a home cinema system is to reproduce movie theatre quality video and audio in your own home. Choose a plasma, LCD HDTV or a home cinema projector and screen to see all the detail in high definition!


Your favourite movies with all the right sounds coming from all the right places, in a perfectly lit home cinema that’s what a  home cinema solution can deliver. Enjoy the latest blockbuster or an old favourite and really feel a part of the action with the latest sound processing technology that will bring the characters to life and fast moving action and on-screen explosions make your chest rumble, whilst the debris flies past your ears. The fun doesn’t stop there.

The sound is not the only thing to have been improved with technology, choose a mounted plasma or LCD screen or using a home cinema projector with a screen you can make the picture as big or small as you want, you will see much more image detail, colours and texture It all adds up to an experience that will make something more than “just another night in”. Contact us to discus you options.

What about all your other rooms?

With a video distribution systems as part of a home automation system, it’s possible to watch any video source from any room in your house. Pause SKY and head to bed then press play and watch the rest of the program from there, or play your PS3 in your kitchen.

With a hard disc media server, you can also store all of your DVDs in one place, while distributing different selections to different rooms in the house. You can select from your DVD collection saved on the media server a movie to play in the living room, while at the same time your child can watch another DVD from media server in their bedroom, all she has to do is select that video source and press play.

What can I watch?

Devices such as Blu-ray players, Digital TV receivers and Video Game Systems can be integrated into a multi-zone/multi-source video system so anyone can access them. An AV receiver or multiplexer is used to change the source to be outputted to the room as requested by the user.

What type of TV?

Slim LCD and Plasma televisions have come down in price substantially in recent years and can be hung on or recessed into a wall, hidden in cabinets or behind mirrors whether above the fireplace or in the bathroom.

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