During the building or refurbishment of a property, it is very cost effective to get your home ready for smart technology. In the future, you may want to be able to listen to and control your music or home environment from anywhere.

With a properly designed centralised cabling system for a home automation system, you can just plug the cable in to the data socket go to the central hub patch it through and thats it your connected. This same cabling can be utilised for many implementations such as voice, data, video, alarms, CCTV, security access etc.

Why not call us today? We can provide your electrician, drawings and cable specifications so they can be installed, at the first  fix stage with all other cables.


Control your lighting

Lighting Systems usually include one or more keypads or touch panels. These interfaces allow users the ability to toggle power to lights, dim lights, and program lighting levels and give you the ability to control any device from any interface in your home. The intergration of lighting into a home automation system can be used to provide several solutions.

Conserve energy and reduce costs without compromising comfort. Dim lights or turn them off automatically when the room is vacant. The Prodigy system can intelligently manage some or all of the lighting in your home to which will help you shrink your carbon footprint and your electricity bill.

Smart Control Systems For Your Home


Install multiple thermostats to create smaller zones for heating and cooling, and create temperature setpoints for simple, yet effective environmental control.The Home Automation system intelligently manages temperature in your home which can help to shrink your carbon footprint and your heating costs.

The most obvious way of HVAC or heating control with the use temperature sensors in different rooms to control heating. The correct placement of sensors and the use of automated timers can reduce energy use. With an automated system it is possible to heat living areas only when people are home and to only to heat the bedrooms once night time and the morning come around and only whilst those rooms are occupied

Home Cinema and Television Solutions

TV, Video Distribution & Home Cinema 

Recreate the big screen in the comfort of your own home. We have extensive experience in home cinema installation, working with architects, interior designs and tradesman to produce the perfect result. All cables are run within walls and under floorboards avoiding any unsightly wires.The aim of a home cinema system is to reproduce movie theatre quality video and audio in your own home. Choose a plasma, LCD HDTV or a home cinema projector and screen to see all the detail in high definition!

Multi Room Home Audio Solutions

Listen to anything anywhere..

Whether you like to listen to a little music while you are reading a good book or you want to catch up with the latest news on the radio whilst in the garden it is nice to have the option to choose what you want to listen to wherever you are in your home. A multiroom audio system gives you the ultimate in listening power with the ability to choose from eight different sound sources, delivering music to up to twelve different listening zones in the home.