HDMI 4×4 Matrix Over Two Cat5e Cat6

HDMI Distribution

A Video distribution matrix, outfitted completely for the digital era, enabling pure HD video in every room throughout the home. The revolutionary transport technology sends uncompressed 1080p video with 7.1 lossless audio over a single Cat5e/Cat6 shielded twisted pair cable. The  receiver and room controller converts the single STP back to HDMI. As an added bonus, signal includes IR ports for controlling the local display.

Crestron ADMS

Crestron ADMS

Native Netflix integration enables linking to personal Netflix accounts for WorldSearch browsing and playback. The Internet TV experience has been enhanced, including the addition of Hulu movie access. Also, the ADMS system will now check for updated Internet channel guides every night, accelerating the update process.

HDBaseT HDMI Over Single Cat5e Cat6

HDBaseT Using a Single LAN Cable

One HDMI cable is needed for uncompressed video and audio. An additional LAN CAT5e/CAT6 cable is needed to supply Internet to your new, Internet-enabled TV and another cable is needed to carry signals and controls to the games console. What about power? That’s another cable.

So you now have four cables. If that seems like a lot, imagine what it takes to install each of these cables and connect them to a Blu-ray player and game console, whether they are located next to the display or hidden in the basement 100 meters away.

WiFi Thermostat iPhone and Android App

WiFi Thermostat

The FREE Heatmiser WiFi Stat app lets you control your Heatmiser WiFi Thermostat  within your home and remotely via a 3G or WiFi connection. Been away and don’t want to arrive back home to a cold house? Tired of hard to use thermostats? Install a Heatmiser WiFi Thermostat  and control your heating from our iPhone app. Use our iPhone app within your home and throw away your thermostat manual! Providing your have at least three wires, excluding earth, then you can upgrade your existing thermostat to our DT-TS or PRT-TS WiFi Thermostat. 4 wires are required for our PRTHW-TS WiFi model.

Wi-Fi vs Wired

Wireless vs Wired

Wireless technologies are designed to reduce the time and different type of obstacles created by the cables. Therefore, wireless networks have more convenient working as compared to other type of wired networking. Wireless network is the type of the computer networking in which computer is connected with the different telecommunication devices wirelessly.



CCTV now fulfils a crucial role in both crime prevention and detection and is instantly recognisable whether fitted internally or externally.

CCTV cameras provide a visible and effective deterrent round the clock and all year round. Whether your requirements are for a single or multi camera set up, or to have visual access on or off site, viewing through internet access our complete line of innovative and user friendly digital video management systems will help protect your premises.

Access Control

Access Control

Access control is the use of devices like intercoms and keypads to solve the limitations of mechanical locks and keys. Intercoms can be used to allow entry to your home via the front gate at the enterance to your property or any door that you choose.

You can set your intercom system up so that the channel on your television changes to the video camera at the door or gate so you can see who is requesting access.

Intelligent Lighting

Create you own personal space…

Setting the right lighting scene can enhance the character and feature of every environment. By gently softening the light in one area and brightening it in another you can create the ambience you want.

Several different settings can be programmed within any room to cater for different uses – dining, reading, entertaining or watching a movie. Smart Home owners increasingly expect fully integrated controls in their homes. With iLight’s scalable solutions, control of lighting, motorised curtains & blinds, audio visual & heating systems becomes possible.